Hans-Ehrenberg-Preis für Wim Wenders

Fotos: Ayla Wessel, Heinr. Brinkmöller-Becker

Wim Wen­ders by Hein­rich Brinkm­öl­ler-Becker

„Bewa­re that thou for­get not the LORD thy God, in not kee­ping his com­man­dments, and his judgments, and his sta­tu­tes, which I com­mand thee this day: Lest when thou hast eaten and art full, and hast built good­ly hou­ses, and dwelt ther­ein. And when thy herds and thy flocks mul­ti­ply, and thy sil­ver and thy gold is mul­ti­plied, and all that thou hast is mul­ti­plied. Then thi­ne heart be lifted up, and thou for­get the LORD thy God, which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, from the hou­se of bonda­ge.“ 5 Mose 8, King James Bible, Wim Wen­ders‘ Respons. Hier die Foto-Gale­ri­en von Ayla Wes­sel und Hein­rich Brinkm­öl­ler-Becker:

Dona­ta Wen­ders und Wim Wen­ders, Lan­des­bi­schof Hein­rich Bed­ford-Strohm, Prä­ses Annet­te Kur­schus, EKD-Kul­tur­bauf­trag­ter Johann Hin­rich Claus­sen, Super­in­ten­dent Gerald Hag­mann, Ober­bür­ger­meis­ter Tho­mas Eis­kirch und — Ehren­gast wie kei­ner je zuvor — Heinz Ehren­berg, Nef­fe von Hans Ehren­berg und Grand Sei­gneur einer in der Welt­wei­te sie­deln­den Fami­lie:

Hans-Ehrenberg-Preis by Ayla Wessel


Hans-Ehrenberg-Preis by Heinrich Brinkmöller-Becker


Hans-Ehrenberg-Preis by Heinrich Brinkmöller-Becker sw