Nadine Khouri

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Nadi­ne Khou­ri by Ste­ve Gullick ©

Als Sup­port ange­kün­digt, tat­säch­lich ein Act für sich. Die bri­ti­sche Pres­se: “Medi­ta­ti­ve, spec­tral dream­s­capes … extra­or­di­na­ry voice: a fra­gi­le, sen­suous instru­ment”, schrieb MOJO. “Lush, drea­my song­wri­ting with a gil­ded edge… Deli­cious­ly moo­dy”, so CLASH. “Khouri’s voice is bre­a­thy, sen­su­al, begui­ling, medi­ta­ti­ve and  her phra­sing is a joy.“ R2

“A pocket-sized book of lul­la­bies, and gothic shan­ties, who­se sounds and lyrics evo­ke a series of wond­rous day­dreams and sor­ro­w­ful, mood-fil­led, late-night tales.” DROWNED IN SOUND

“The voice. It’s the first and last thing you noti­ce about The Sal­ted Air, a drea­my, hand­so­me, hus­hed album desi­gned to be play­ed in the blue hours of night, a thing of smo­ke and pearls and sil­ve­r­ed mir­rors and brui­sed hearts.” THE HERALD

“Nadi­ne Khou­ri has always had the abi­li­ty to make quiet­ness and subt­le­ty sound huge and mean more than it pos­si­b­ly could. The over­whel­ming bre­ath­less cool of Nadine’s voice is some­thing that you can­not go without hea­ring.” THE 405.

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