andere über uns (I)

Sól­sta­fir, gese­hen von Sara Flei­scher ©

Metal-Ham­mer (Foto) und Reflec­tions of Darkness (Text) zum Kon­zert von Sól­sta­fir: „A very spe­cial con­cert awai­ted the appro­xi­mate­ly 850 visi­tors of the Chris­tus­kir­che in Bochum on this Thurs­day evening. Howe­ver, anyo­ne who thinks of a gos­pel choir or an organ requi­em at a Pro­tes­tant church could not be more wrong. Ins­te­ad, SÓLSTAFIR had announ­ced their arri­val from Ice­land. Tho­se gen­tle­men who have refer­red to them­sel­ves in the past as ‚Anti­chris­ti­an Ice­lan­dic Hea­then Bas­tards‘.  The­re­fo­re, it was not sur­pri­sing that the band’s foun­der, sin­ger and gui­ta­rist Aðalb­jörn Trygg­va­son, also said that he had never ima­gi­ned he could ever play in a Ger­man church. That this could never­theless hap­pen is undoub­ted­ly also due to the open-min­ded­ness of tho­se respon­si­ble for the Chris­tus­kir­che, becau­se this is not a secu­la­ri­zed pro­per­ty, which was given a new secu­lar pur­po­se, but a wor­ship room, which is cal­led Church of Cul­tures and in addi­ti­on to the reli­gious use also just a lot of space for con­certs or rea­dings. A spe­cial stro­ke of luck in this con­text is the archi­tec­tu­re and the asso­cia­ted acoustics of modern sac­red archi­tec­tu­re. The Chris­tus­kir­che undoub­ted­ly has a con­cert hall level and thanks to the prism-like roof fold, the visu­al back­ground is also a real tre­at.“